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Apply pre-Emergent Herbicide

Coupled with post-emergent herbicides, your yard should remain green, lush, and weed-free. But you need both — pre-emergents and post-emergents.

A pre-emergent doesn’t kill existing weeds. Instead, it prevents weeds from taking root in the first place. When this step is taken routinely, it reduces the need for weed killers later in the year.
Pre-emergent should be applied early in the season when soil temperatures are still below 50 degrees. If applied too late, you run the risk of battling weeds all spring and summer long.
Add A Fresh Layer Of Mulch

Add a Fresh layer Mulch

Mulch does a host of things that your plants want and need, such as shading roots on hot days, preventing moisture from evaporating, and stopping weeds from taking root.

Once pre-emergent has been applied, adding a fresh layer of mulch next can do wonders for a winter-worn landscape.
Mulch is an essential part of your commercial landscaping maintenance plan, and adding a fresh layer of mulch in the spring comes with a handful of benefits. It can curb weed germination and growth and help soil retain moisture and stay cooler as temperatures rise.
This is extremely valuable during the summer heat.

Maintenance Tips

 Make sure to put your annuals in high visibility areas so they get the biggest bang for the buck!

 Make sure to get quality gardening tools so you aren’t stuck in the mud when they break!

Cindy W.

We first contracted with Brennan's last spring. Our yard was overrun with weeds -- dandelions, clover, you name it -- and there were many bare patches throughout the lawn. Brennan's fertilized and treated our yard for weeds last spring, and he fertilized and seeded our yard last fall. When I mowed our yard yesterday, I noticed that our grass was thicker and greener. It feels like I am walking on a plush carpet!! Brennan's has also weeded and mulched our flower beds each spring. I highly recommend Brennan's for all of your landscaping needs!!

Joy P.

We are so impressed with this landscaping company! They are hard workers, great communicators and did all the work we’ve given them so far in a quality and timely manner. We are very loyal folk, so these guys will now be our go-to landscaping company for any work we can’t do ourselves.

Katie K.

We LOVE these guys! From the second we requested a quote, it has been nothing but professional, fast and easy communication. The work is beautiful and always right on time. The prices are fair, and they always get right back to me when I call or text, which is very important to me. We have only been using them a short time, and they have already gone above and beyond to help us with all of our lawn care needs. I would give them 10 stars if I could!

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